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I honestly didn’t believe in the stuff. I assumed I was going to give it a try and then end up taking it to someone to spray the acid and give them my wallet.  I started to spray the BOAT SCUM REMOVER on and immediatly the grime started to pour down.  Tha stuff is great and I really appreciate it. I will use this again. Thank you.



JJV’S is the best marine cleaner on the market today by far.  It is all we use

Michael H.


This is the second season I have used your Boat Scum Remover and the second seaon I am astounded how well it works.  After a full summer of keeping my boat in the water on the Mississippi, all I did was spray and the scum literally disappearing in front of my eyes!  I did ZERO scrubbing and the hull is spotless!  Thank to you, we no longer dread the day we pull our boat out after summer.  No more scrubbing, with caustic cleaner and no more burning skin and eyes! Thanks for this incredible product!



Faced with the daunting task of cleaning a ski boat hull that had been in fresh water for 2 years, I decided to google hull cleaners.  I read about some very caustic products, watched  JJVS BEST videos and read reviews. 
I had scrubbed for about an hour using household cleaners and had made little progress.  JJV worked great!  90% of all staining and residue came off with the first application without caustic fumes.  The rest came off with the 2nd application.  Wow!!!!  Did it ever save me a lot of work!  Great product!!! Wish I could find it in Atlanta!! We ordered on line. 

J. Orr


Mike and I thought we would send you a couple pcitures to show how well your cleaner worked. Before and After shots attached.

We cleaned my dads boat after being in the water for a couple of months – Amazing results with JJV’s Best.

The boat looks brand new again.

Thank you for an exceptional product.

Mike & Renee


Attached please find some photos I think you would be interested in.  I bought JJVs Boat scum remover for painted aluminum.

I used it on our boat where I had previously used an acid product and was such hard work I gave up half way.  I took pictures at the time but they didn’t do justice to the great job JJVs did.

We had a flood in September, 2010 and our dock was underwater for weeks and we had lost one piece of it.  We had it replaced in the Spring and it really stood out being brand new.  We decided to try JJVs Boat scum remover on that which are the first 3 pictures.  It worked great without a second treatment. 

The last picture ‘JJVs dock compare 2’ is the dock piece we lost in the flood that we found  mid-summer of the following year.  It had been at the bottom of the Wisconsin River for at least 9 months.  When I finished the dock I went to this last piece and the sprayer was empty.  I only had foam left and it trickled on the dock piece.  You can see what a difference this little bit makes.

I look forward to trying your boat wash to clean mold and mildew on our pontoon.  I haven’t been able to find anything safe to use on the carpet.  I have complete confidence in these products and highly recommend them.


This is the best environmental friendly marine product I have ever used effectively. I have alot of customers that let me know that they never got a better job anywhere with your product it is so easy and great to use. 

Paul – A Satisfied Dealer


My boat is 10 years old and there was 10 years of build up on the boat, it looked 20 years old. I bought a bottle of the hull cleaner and couldn’t believe how easy all of it came off. It would have taken me days and scrubbing to get it all off. Your product is amazing. I will tell everyone about your products.

Brad – A Satisfied Customer

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