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JJV'S BEST Zebra Mussel Release Agent


Zebra mussel release agent
JJV's Zebra Mussel Release Agent


Safely and effectively cleans zebra mussels and the enzyme glue from your boat, outdrive, docks, lifts and propellers. Just spray on, let set, and rinse off.



Do not dilute! Pour into clean pump up sprayer. Spray on affected areas, including all small areas they can wedge themselves into. Allow to dwell 3 minutes and pressure wash off. Wear eye protection and check all small areas.




Zebra Mussel Release Agent FAQ’s

How to Clean Zebra Mussels off Using JJV’s Best Zebra Release Agent

Use a NEW Hudson sprayer. DO NOT MIX WITH OTHER CLEANERS. This will neutralize the cleaner. USE STRAIGHT. Spray infested area. Allow to dwell up to 5 minutes. Do not allow product to dry. Pressure wash or hose off. Rinse well behind and around small areas. Heavily infested areas may require repeating. Be sure to check in and around the outdrive. We do sometimes use an air hose in around the outdrive to blow out loose ones.  

Please call us with any questions. It’s likely we’ve encountered your situation at some point and are happy to help you do the best  job possible with your cleaning. JJV’s Best has other cleaners and solutions for a variety of cleaning situations. 

JJV's Zebra Mussel Release Agent


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